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Capital Projects, Facility Builds & Tech Transfers

We manage and deliver complex end-to-end manufacturing solutions including manufacturing facilities, capital expansions, and technical operations.

As industry pioneers, we have longstanding expertise in drug development technical operations; we have designed, built, commissioned, and licensed clinical and commercial manufacturing sites across different modalities, around the globe. Whether we are building new facilities from the ground up, modifying existing facilities or delivering critical capital projects, our goal is always to help bring vital medicines to market.

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We are purpose built to enable precision medicine drug development and commercialization

  • Capital project planning and management
  • Program and project management
  • Facility design support
  • CDMO selection and management
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Equipment selection and procurement
  • Scope, schedule and budget management
  • Technical transfer planning and management
  • Backfill Key Technical Roles

End-to-end manufacturing solutions

We provide global support with a proven track record of planning, building, and maintaining manufacturing facilities, capital expansions, and technical operations. 

  • Due Diligence & Business Strategy

    Due diligence and manufacturing strategy that considers, analyzes, and weighs every option.
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  • Owner’s Rep, Project Management & SME Backfill

    Specialized resources with proven expertise for all aspects of drug development.
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  • Project Scheduling & Controls

    Our project controls comprehensively manage scope, cost, schedule, and risks to keep manufacturing on time and within budget.
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  • Commissioning, Qualification, & Validation

    We’ll CQV your entire asset life cycle—safely, and efficiently preparing you to achieve new capacity
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  • Quality, Regulatory, & Compliance

    Our QMS includes NC/CAPA programs, support for audits and regulatory submissions, and more.
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  • Automation & Controls

    Access system automation experts skilled in change control ownership, compliance, and data integrity.
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  • Supply Chain

    We optimize supply chain processes to improve efficiency and prepare for challenges.
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  • Operational Readiness

    Our experts supply the policies, procedures, and documentation for pre-approval inspections.
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  • Asset Lifecycle Management & Operations

    Apply Quality by Design principles to facilities management & operations, and asset life cycle management & operations.
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As your needs expand, so does our support

Capital project planning and management is complicated. You juggle facility design; selection and management of vendors, equipment, and CDMOs; oversight of scope, schedule, and budget. There may be technical transfers to plan or key technical roles to backfill. All this while staying compliant with evolving cGMP regulations. Count on Precision’s support. Our demonstrated track record—both domestic and international—underscores our experience in helping bring novel therapies to market.

No matter which route your product travels – from laboratory to commercial supply, we’ve covered it

With a robust history of capital project delivery and facility builds, facility retrofits and start-up support, and logistics for new facilities and capital expansions, we understand every aspect of delivering a manufacturing facility on time and on budget.

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People first and patient-focused

Our greatest resource is our people, with patients at the core of everything we do. Commitment to that value provides a foundation of success for us and our partners.